ORA collective

ORA dance art collective

Ora: ώρα [ˈora] female, comes from the Greek and means time, hour, moment. ORA was founded in 2019 by Anja Leber and Milena Baiutti with the aim to give dance more attention in our society. Therefore they want to work with both, professionals and non-professional dancers AND they strongly believe in the cooperation of both. ORA dedicates itself to socially relevant topics in its pieces and explicitly seeks in its collective working method the potential fusion with other art forms.

Founders of ORA: Milena Baiutti & Anja Leber

Members of collective: Anja Neukomm, Anja Leber, Davide Pillera, Milena Baiutti, Petr Nedbal

Photos: Joël Strübi / Text: Ariane Zehnder


19/03 // Him & Her // Collaboration ORA collective & Angela Lyn

Information: Him and Her_Event / Angela Lyn

20 & 21/06 // Reinterpretation of urbanthtropus (1988 by DA MOTUS!) for Kulturerbe, Tanz! Festival


16/17/19/20/09 // Trilogy IT’s TIME at Beta Stage Festival

oct // CAUGHT at Bern Art Stage Festival